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Chess Game Progress

Posted by Dibash on January 16, 2012 at 1:40 AM

So I started working on a chess game clone using C++ and SFML and OpenGL. As of right now the graphics are done purely in SFML but some OpenGL functions are being used. Plus later I might port it into a more visually appealing game.


As for progress, I've been working on this on/off for about a week or so, and right now I have gotton the all the chess movement and its logic implemented. The graphics are shitty right now, since my main focus is on the logic. But once all the logic has been implemented, I will try to enhance the graphics.


Here is a minor screen-shot.


The images are just dummies images for now. They will be replaced later with appropriate images. The orange square is the horse possible move location. I had clicked the horse at bottom right, which showed its possible move location. 

There is still more stuff/logic to implement, but I will start on that tomorrow, right now I'm too tired. Anyways thanks for the read!


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